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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you very much for your interest in Spam-Juggler! If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us.

  1. What is disposable email?
    A disposable email address is a temporary email address that only exists for a short time. It allows you to receive emails anonymously for a short time without giving out your real email address. Particularly useful when online content is hidden behind a "confirm your email address" sign-up link.

  2. How private are my emails?
    We do not read or store your emails, and our service is anonymous and free to use. Email addresses include access tokens by default, a pseudo password protection to help keep your mailbox private.

  3. Does Spam-Juggler send spam or other email?
    No! Never - we promise!

  4. Can I reply to emails received through Spam-Juggler?
    Sorry, not yet.

  5. Are there any limitations on the emails that get sent here?

  6. How many aliases can I create?
    You can create as many aliases as you like.

  7. How does Spam-Juggler stop spam?
    Simple: Spam-Juggler does not store any emails.

  8. Does Spam-Juggler really delete all the emails?

  9. Is it free?
    Yes! Absolutely!

  10. Is Spam-Juggler going to send me any emails?
    No. That is, unless you email us, in which case somebody will probably reply. Seriously - you can expect a confirmation message when you create an alias email address or delete an alias email address, and that is it. Spam-Juggler will never send you a message with an attachment! There are a lot of viruses running around impersonating email system adminstrators, including Spam-Juggler. If you get a message you were not expecting, it is almost certainly not from Spam-Juggler. If it has an attachment, do not open it!

  11. I do not trust Spam-Juggler enough to create an account with it using my real email address.
    That is not really a question, but you really should try it...

  12. Really, how does Spam-Juggler make money?
    Spam-Juggler does not! This is a non-commercial service created by folks who have been driven crazy by spam. If you are really concerned, you can make a donation or support this project on different ways.

  13. Will Spam-Juggler stop spam from coming straight to my real email address?
    No. Spam-Juggler only gets involved when the sender uses a disposable address that you have given out. When this happens, the message first comes to Spam-Juggler, then (maybe) to you. If someone sends a message straight to your real email address, Spam-Juggler is not involved at all.

  14. I signed up and gave out some disposable addresses, but I am not getting any mail through the system. What is wrong?
    Check and make sure you can receive mail at the forwarding address you supplied - this is the one you have entered while creating an alias email address ("Destination email address"). If it is not correct, fix it. Another possibility is that the folks you gave disposable addresses to have not used them yet. You can test your setup by sending a message from your email program to your alias email address. Another frequent cause of this is spam filtering software working on your forwarding address - that is, messages get through Spam-Juggler, but then get caught by some other spam protection before they make it to your inbox. If this is the case, you may get some help from your email service provider. If you are still having trouble, send us an email.

  15. I cannot stay logged in!
    This is OK! We want it like that.

  16. Could not you make the whole thing a lot easier to understand?
    Probably. But we think the usage of this service and site is very simple. Just try it out.

  17. What is the maximum number of email messages I can receive at a disposable address?
    100. If you specify a number higher than 100, our internal counter will be set to 100. You would not really want more than 100 messages on a disposable address, would you?

  18. How long will my temporary alias email address remain active?
    Alias email addresses are automatically deactivated after 30 days.

  19. How long Spam-Juggler will store my emails?
    Spam-Juggler does not store any emails. All incoming emails will be delivered to its corresponding real addresses or will be deleted.

  20. I want to put my email address in a public place in the hopes that real people I do not know will email me, but I do not want to get picked up by spambots. Can you help?
    You could provide a disposable address with a high number (like 100) that should give real people enough tries at reaching you before the spambots catch up, and you can reply to the people with your real address. If you want to receive an indefinite number of messages from unknown real people off your publicly disclosed address, Spam-Juggler cannot really help.

  21. How long can my aliasname/username be?
    30 characters.

  22. Will a future version let me have a dot in my aliasname/username?

  23. I forgot my password. Can you give it to me?
    No. As a security measure, and because we really have no business knowing your password, we use one-way encryption to store all passwords. This means we do not have a clue what your password is, either.

  24. Is there a way I can view a list of all my disposable addresses?

  25. Can I use Spam-Juggler as my mail server for incoming or outgoing mail?
    Hehehehehe, kidding?! Ehm... no!

  26. Can mail that is deleted be recovered?
    No. It is never even written to disk. For this reason, if it was not already obvious, we recommend you only use Spam-Juggler for non-essential purposes.

  27. How do I report a bug/suggest a feature?
    Send us an email.

  28. Will you notify me of new features?
    Probably not.

  29. How can I tell all my friends about this amazing service?
    You can go to the "Support" page and use the links/codes there.

  30. Will you sell your list of users and email addresses to anyone?
    No and never! Such a list will never exist!

  31. Can I help translate the site into a new language?
    Yes! We would like Spam-Juggler to be available in as many languages as possible, so please drop us an email if you want to help with translation and we will send you a language pack.

  32. I do not see an answer to my question here. How do I contact you?
    See contact link...

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